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Social CRM + E2.0 = Competitive Advantage

4 Sep , 2009  

Scorpfromhell recently wrote and excellent article [Enterprise 2.0 vs Social CRM – Fight or Tango?] that I suggest you read – good insights!

To summarise, Social CRM and Enterprise 2.0 need to walk hand in hand. One of his statements that I would like to elaborate on is that “”efficient employees lead to better customer experience” – I would say that you can react to external threats and opportunities more efficiently in a more timely and apt fashion. We could then say that Enterprise 2.0 is a prerequisite for the ‘better customer experience’, or at least a competitve advantage in customer service. When you go to a Four Season’s Hotel, the service you result is the result of many people interacting to make your stay as pleasant as possible – check-in clerk, hotel manager, room service, pool attendants, restaurant staff and whatnot, and they have all been taught to work together to make this happen for you.

So, Experience 2.0 is a prerequisite for gaining a competitive advantage in the field of Social CRM, but likewise implementing Social CRM tools without organising the company to communicate and collaborate can potentially be very damaging.

As the market for Social CRM matures, customer expectations in terms of customer service will increase – Enterprise 2.0 may not only be a prerequisite but also a necessity to maintain a competitive advantage and – hopefully – customer loyalty.

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