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Social Enterprise 2.0?

3 Sep , 2009  

We are slowly coming to a common definition of Social CRM, but I suggest that we should actually be taking it far further. Social CRM is the link between Social Media, Online Customer Communities and traditional CRM (an extension to CRM, Paul Greenberg et al), and CRM is just a part of what we do within our companies to bring products and services to our customers.

If you come to think about it though, your whole company should be geared towards interacting with the customer to provide the best possible experience. and in order to make this happen, an environment needs to be created that strips down the walls between the silos in the company, and allow people to collaborate with internal staff (using Enterprise 2.0), but also collaborate with those out beyond the traditional boundaries (through the use of Social CRM) – namely the customers. Rather than take the ‘Us and Them’ approach, work towards the ‘We’ collaboration model so that everyone involved will get the highest perceived value from engaging with each other.

This approach will require a radical rethink in the way we organise our companies in the Omnipresent Social Media Age. We’re are the forefront of a real revolution, I’m looking forward to riding the wave. Cowabunga!