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Social CRM ideas

1 Sep , 2009  

Having been in Enterprise Software for most of my active career, I am now looking into how companies can use “Social Media” to improve the way they do their business. We have now come to the point where a definition is bubbling up (Paul Greenberg et al) that is useful to build upon.

The communication tools that are now available allow us to not only push our marketing messages out to potential customers (B2C) but also allow these customers to interact with our company, leading to higher satisfaction levels or even to customer-driven innovation (C2B). Furthermore by providing a channel accessible to all customers, everyone that is a (potential) stakeholder of our company’s products or services can communicate, facilitating peer-to-peer communication and support and Brand advocacy (C2C).

Through Social Media analytics and datamining we’ll be able to better understand what makes our customers tick and use that information improve our Customer Service and nurture Brand Loyalty.

In this blog I will try to talk about the abovementioned subjects as I expore and assimilate ideas that I come across.